Food Bank

Food Bank In Pre-Production


TORONTO, ON— Sept 26th, 2019 — Food Bank  is a new web series/New Media tv series  created by Xavier DeGuzman.  Ryan, 29, a hopeless romantic, who believes he’s been with the one he’s going to marry for the past 7 years, has entered a downward spiral of emotions as his girlfriend dumps him. His good friend Lovell convinces him that the best way to overcome this hurdle in life is to distract himself, so Ryan decides volunteer work for the community would be a great way to stay distracted as well as help those less fortunate. Now Ryan is ready to enjoy being single and face this brand new world of philanthropy. But the hardest thing about trying to be single here is how beautiful women look when theyre also being philanthropic.
This situational comedy features Ryan trying to get over a broken heart while his best friends are there for him every step of the way… most steps of the way.
*Also the focus of this episodic is to give suggestions to the public, especially around the holiday’s to find ways to give back to those less fortunate, by giving a little ‘shoutout’ to the camera reminding viewers, “Don’t forget to give back to your community by…” *


Xavier was born in Canada, of Jesusa & Fernando de Guzman of the Philippines. As a child he had a knack for sports which fueled an athleticism that lead him to boxing then later thai boxing. A decision which kept him off the path to gangs and drugs. Fighting out of Southside Muay Thai in Toronto, Xavier went on to secure, and then defended, the lightweight title in Canada. This level of acclaim led him to his first on camera role without any acting experience on the show Rookie Blue as a boxer. This sparked his passion wanting to be on set and pursued advice from high school friend, and actor, Alex Mallari Jr. He then began taking guidance from acting coach Earl Nanhu of EVN Studios, then Stephen Park of Lonsdale Smith Studios, as well as Second City, and Lewis Baumander of LB Studios.


This new  series will consist of 5 half hour  Episodes. They star Ryan Rosery(Riverdale) as the lead and joining the cast will be, Lovell Adams-Gray(Slasher), Leighton Williams(Zombie), Xavier DeGuzman(Take Two). More cast announcements to follow.

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